Generating fake fingerprints to unlock smartphones

Our Phd candidate Philip Bontrager won best paper at BTAS, the IEEE International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications, and Systems.  Written together with GIL Director Julian Togelius, Aditi Roy, Nasir Memon and Arun Ross, the paper… Read More…

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MIT Technology Review: AI Is Dreaming Up New Kinds of Video Games

Game-making algorithms are almost as old as video games, but their use has typically been limited to generating terrain and other simple digital art. The next frontier is using increasingly sophisticated machine-learning techniques to design… Read More…

Christoph Salge: How to Build a Robot That Wants to Change the World

Quanta Magazine featured our lab’s very own Christoph Salge in an article about AI and programming robots.   Read all about it here: Read More…

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Why AI researchers like video games – Economist

We were mentioned in The Economist: Like displaying curiosity and delaying rewards, transferring learning from one task to another is something humans do effortlessly but machines struggle to manage. Here again, games are playing an… Read More…

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