Cicero- An AI-Game Design Assistant Tool


Cicero is an AI-Game Design assistant tool. At a first sight, it is a game editor like Game Maker, Unity or other solutions available in the market. However, Cicero allows developers to use AI to simulate their games. As a Game Design assistant, Cicero consists of the following:

  • Visualization tool

Visualizations based on heat maps that show how game elements and players (AI or humans) are exploring a level.

  • Replay Analyses

A database system that stores all the frames and game states of a gameplay session played by an agent or a human. It allows the developer to re-watch and retrieve any point of the game-play session, edit it, and change the game flow from that point to beyond.

  • Recommender System

A recommender system that suggests game rules to be added to a game being developed. It is based on data mining methods and compares the current game against a database of games. It returns to the developers what would be the most appropriate rules to add in their games.

In general, Cicero has been used as a test bed for exploring themes like general AI-assistance and user studies for evaluating how effective these tools are.



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