Data Adventures

Data Adventures is a type of Data Game focused on the adventure genre. This projects aims at generating complete adventure games using open data, in particular Wikipedia. Data Adventures's first iteration received the name of two individuals as input, and generate a plot based on articles about them and in relation to them. These articles are transformed into game objects (locations, NPCs and items) via constructive algorithms that also rely on geographical information from OpenStreetMaps and visual content from Wikimedia Commons. DataAdventures image1 DataAdventures image2


Publications: Gabriella A. B. Barros, Antonios Liapis and Julian Togelius (2015): Data Adventures. Proceedings of the FDG Workshop on Procedural Content Generation.


June 30

Do you like Minecraft and procedural content generation? Did you look at the villages in Minecraft and thought, I could write a better algorithm to produce settlements? Now is your chance to prove it. Read More…