Alt Control Jam 2014 Winners!

This year's Alternative Control Game Jam at the Game Innovation Lab had a great turnout of programers , designers and students.  These teams worked tirelessly for 48 hours (with breaks for Mario Kart) to create one of a kind controllers and games.

The Winners!

Space Box:

Built using a Makey Makey, players take a seat in an alien spaceship made from a cardboard-box and try to conrol their flight using molded clay buttons.   One problem, the buttons are random everytime you play!  Some make you turn, some fire the engines, and some honk your space horn.

Occulus Snowboarding

A virtual reality Snow boarding simulator.  This team repurposed a Tony Hawk Skate-board controller and made their own sensor pads to make this wild ride of a game!

Body Music

A kinect based dynamic music game.  Move Fast!

Body Music

High Five Game.

Hi five your friends before they leave for the day!  Run back and forth and High Five these pads before you run out of time.  This setup used wireless Arduino Microcontrollers and handmade touch sensors, place them even further apart for higher difficulty!

Game Theory with Leap motion.

A 2-4 player game using the leap motion as a controller.  Use you hands and fingers to move and shoot, beating the enemy team with your friend and rivial, the single person with the most points wins!

Winners received amazon giftcards and Makey Makeys.

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