Games in Engineering: Research Grand Challenges

Join us for this panel discussion with experts in the field, Katherine Isbister, Michael Mateas and Anrew Nealen, moderated by Alex Pasternack. It's happening on March 14, 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm at the Game Innovation Lab.






Katherine Isbister
Research Director, Game Innovation Lab
Associate Professor, CS/NYU-Poly and Game Center/NYU Tisch

Katherine Isbister is a game and human computer interaction researcher and designer, focused on creating more compelling emotional and social qualities in games and other digital experiences. Isbister's team creates research games and prototypes with support from NSF, Microsoft, Bell Labs, and other funders. Projects have been featured in Wired, Scientific American, and on NPR. Isbister was an early recipient of the MIT Technology Review Young Innovators award, and is currently a Humboldt Experienced Research Fellow. Her book, Better Game Characters by Design, was nominated for a Game Developer Magazine Frontline Award. 



Andrew Nealen
Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, NYU-Poly


Andrew Nealen is an assistant professor of Computer Science and Engineering at NYU Poly. He has previously taught at the Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences. He was previously appointed as a postdoctoral researcher with the computer graphics group (CG), at the Technische Universitaet Berlin's electrical engineering and computer science department, where he taught courses on introductory and advanced computer graphics and game programming and design. His research is directed towards interactive, physically-based and geometric modeling, animation and editing, human perception, and (video) game design. 



Michael Mateas
Director, Center for Games and Playable Media
Professor, Computer Science, University of California, Santa Cruz


Michael Mateas’ work explores artificial intelligence-based art and entertainment, forging a new research discipline called Expressive AI. He holds the MacArthur Endowed Chair and runs the Expressive Intelligence Studio with Noah Wardrip-Fruin. EIS is one of the largest technical game research groups in the world. Prior to Santa Cruz, Michael was a faculty member at the Georgia Institute of Technology. With Andrew Stern, he created the award-winning interactive drama Façade, the world’s first, fully-produced, real-time, interactive story.





Moderator: Alex Pasternack 


Alex Pasternack is a Brooklyn-based writer and filmmaker with an interest in science and technology and, he likes to think, a healthy anxiety about the future. He co-founded, a social transit company, and is the editor and chief of




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