Indie Tech Talks 05 : CINDY POREMBA

Thursday November 28th at 7pm in the Game Innovation Lab:

Babycastles & The Game Innovation Lab at NYU-Poly present a lecture series spotlighting developers and game designers with insights on games and technology. The series is hosted by Andy Nealen, but Katherine Isbister is moderating the next talk.


CINDY POREMBA ( is a digital media researcher, artist and curator, exploring the intersection of documentary, videogames and interactive art. She is interested in the intersection between creation practices and technology– specifically how meaning is read through digital technologies. Her research explores documentary in videogames and digital media, art and independent videogames (particularly the new arcade movement), emerging artistic/cultural practice related to photography, videogames and robotic technologies, and research-creation methodology in interactive art and design. 

She is currently a postdoctoral fellow, researching infrastructure for documentary videogames, in the School of Literature, Culture and Communication at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Cindy has also organized non-traditional exhibitions as an independent curator; and “new arcade” events as a member of the Kokoromi game art collective. 

Series produced by Ida Benedetto. Graphic design by Colin Snyder.
















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