Indie Tech Talk 0.3

When: 7pm Thursday, September 27th
Where: at NYU-Poly's Game Innovation Lab 5 Metrotech Center Brooklyn, NY

BabyCastles and the Game Innovation Lab are proud to present the third installment of their Indie Tech Talks Series, Punks Not Thre3D: A Pragmatic Approach to Indie Technology with Kevin Cancienne and hosted by Andy Nealen.

As a newly-minted Indie, Kevin Cancienne spent a lot of time thinking about how best to express and explore his
newfound freedom. When he told friends he'd decided his first indie project would be a 3D game, and that he planned
to do it all himself, he encountered some surprised reactions. In this short talk, Kevin talks about his work, why he
thinks it might be time for a 3D revolution in the indie scene, and the benefits of being a mediocre programmer.

UPDATE:  Check out a recording of the event here:


We are also happy to share the recordings of our previous two Indie Tech Talks here.