Kinect + Flash Get Your Game On Workshop!

Our Fourth Workshop in G.I.L's Get Your Game On! Workshop Series: 

Using Adobe Flash with Kinect to create 2d Natural User Interfaces. – Saturday, April 28th, 2012 9am – 5pm

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Flash is dead, but is it really?  Recently, the hype has all been about how Flash is over. However, this could not be farther for the truth. In fact, Adobe has simply refocused Flash towards application development. Using the same code base, you can simultaneously develop for Kinect, Mac, PC, iOS, Android and the Web.  This workshop will focus on using Kinect to create a game in AS3 using Flash Builder. Flash 11 gives users the ability to directly access the GPU. Starling is a simple, easy to use game framework we will use to access the GPU and simplify handling multi-touch events. Many games are now out that have been created using the Starling framework, including Angry Birds and other top iOS games. This powerful frameworks allows real time, 60 fps blazing performance and the best possible performance for Kinect tracking.

We will cover augmented reality, multi-player, multi-touch and skeleton tracking as we create a simple game with these tools.

The basics of Natural User Interface design will also be covered.

Required: Basic knowledge of Flash and AS3.

Updated: For both Mac and PC users. 

Bringing your own Kinect is suggested.
Phoenix Perry was born in Denver, CO in 1975. From digital arts curator to
Creative Director, she has extensive experience in new media, design, and user
interfaces. Perry's work spans a large range of disciplines including drawing,
generative art, video, games and sound. Her projects have been seen worldwide
at venues and festivals including Come out and Play, Maker Faire at the New
York Hall of Science, Lincoln Center, Transmediale, Yerba Buena Center for
the Arts, LAMCA, Harvest Works, Babycastles, European Media Arts Festival,
GenArt, Seoul Film Festival and Harvestworks. She is adjunct faculty at NYU
Poly in Integrated Digital Media and owns Devotion Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. She
is author of Meet the Kinect. Available from Apress Publishing.