November Guest Speaker!

John Scott Tynes, writer and game designer, will present his lecture on 'The Three Complications: Solving Technical Challenges With Game Design'. 

Join us November 16, 3-4 PM at the Game Innovation Lab (room 102, Dibner Building). John Tynes will share his experiences overcoming challenges and designing games, which include the Pirates of the Burning Sea MMO and the XBLA games South Park: Let's Go Tower Defense Play and Full House Poker.

Speaker Bio:
John Scott Tynes has been a writer and game designer since 1990. In the field of tabletop games he founded Pagan Publishing and produced award-winning Call of Cthulhu projects such as Delta Green and The Unspeakable Oath as well as original games including Unknown Armies, Puppetland, and The Hills Rise Wild. He worked at Wizards of the Coast in the early days of Magic: The Gathering as the game’s first dedicated IP developer where he crafted characters and flavor text for the Ice Age and Homelands expansions. As a writer he’s been both a film critic and a videogame critic as well as a screenwriter, novelist, and a writer for videogames at Bungie and Acclaim. In the videogame industry, he was the producer for the Pirates of the Burning Sea MMO and lead designer for Xbox LIVE Arcade titles South Park: Let’s Go Tower Defense Play and Full House Poker, which is the best-selling XBLA game of 2011. Currently he works in Microsoft Studios Kids and Lifestyle Entertainment group supervising innovative Xbox projects for a broad audience.

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