NYC Indie Games Meetup-Special Unity IOS Event, April 11th, 7PM!

Date and Time:  April 11th, 2012, 7pm

Where: @ the Game Innovation Lab,  5 Metrotech Center – LC102, Brooklyn

Russ Morris from Unity will be giving a talk on iOS development, focusing on optimization, provisioning, and distribution. Definitely don't want to miss this one!

For NYC Indie Dev Meetup's April get together, we are excited to have Russ Morris from the leading game engine Unity to talk about development on the iOS, with the focus on optimisation, provisioning, and distribution. If you are thinking of or working an iOS game, you definitely don't want to miss this talk.

Speaker Bio: Russ Morris, Product Evangelist, Unity.

Having worked as a game designer and developer in the games industry, coupled with a background in education, Russ has an understanding of how to use Unity in a professional environment, as well as the understanding of how to communicate with Unity developers with a wide range of experiences. Prior to joining Unity Technologies Russ taught Unity and game design at London South Bank University, as well as co-organising the London Unity User Group. When he's not making, playing or talking about games, he's probably talking about rugby.

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