Game Innovation Lab Members

Lisa Soros

Postdoctoral Researcher

Lisa's research explores the intersection of artificial life and games. She received a Ph.D. from the University of Central Florida, focusing on neuro-evolution, generative systems, and open-ended evolutionary dynamics.

Christoph Salge

Postdoctoral Researcher

Christoph is a Marie Curie Global Fellow working on a project (INTERCOGAM) that uses intrinsic motivation formalisms to evaluate procedurally generated game content. While I technically work for the University of Hertfordshire, He was on a two year secondment to the Game Innovation Lab at NYU,

Ruben Rodriguez Torrado

PhD student

Ruben was born in Spain. After obtaining a degree as Mining engineering, he moved to Paris to study a second degree and masters degree in applied Mathematics in UPMC Paris VI. He then decided to pursue a career in the field of Artificial Intelligence. These last few years, he has been working in several projects in the Technology Research Center of Repsol (Madrid) and Repsol-IBM (New York), applying deep learning and reinforcement learning for logistic and real time decision making.

Michael Green

PhD candidate

Michael is a Ph.D candidate in Artificial Intelligence studying under Julian Togelius at NYU. He graduated with two degrees in Computer Science and Business (BS) and Classical Civilizations (BA) from Lehigh University in 2016. He is currently working on projects involved in procedural content generation using open data, player modeling, evolution and genetic programming, Monte Carlo Tree Search, and automatic game generation.  His interests also include education and how it could be applied to video games.

Rodrigo Canaan


Rodrigo is a PhD student in Computer Science at NYU.  He is interested in studying and building Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems that can seamlessly cooperate with humans in a variety of tasks. This AI should be able to deal with complex and changing environments and use effective models of its partners to correctly interpret and predict their actions, taking into account hidden information. He has a PhD in Computer Science at NYU and often uses games, such as Hanabi and Hearthstone, as testbeds for his research.

Debosmita Bhaumik

Research Assistant

Debosmita is a research assistant in Prof. Julian Togelius' research group. She completed a Master’s in Computer Applications from Vidyasagar University, India, and previously worked as research assistant at the Chair for Management Science and Energy Economics, University Duisburg-Essen, Germany. Presently she is working in Artificial Intelligence for games.

Aaron Dharna

MS Student

He is currently an MS student in CS at Fordham University, applying to PhDs, and having his MS thesis co-advised by Prof. Julian Togelius and Prof. Damian Lyons at NYU and Fordham respectively. His interests currently are in generative models, reinforcement learning, neural networks, evolution, and the intersection of games and machine learning.

M Charity

PhD student

Charity is a PhD student in Computer Science at NYU studying Game Design and Artificial Intelligence. They graduated with their bachelor's degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition to their work in the Game Innovation lab, Charity has a background in natural language processing and virtual reality game design. They've been making games since the 7th grade, most of which can be found here:

Catalina Jaramillo

PhD candidate

Catalina has a BS in Production Engineering from Universidad Eafit and MS in Organizational Behavior, Systems and Analytics, and in Management of Technology from NYU. She is pursuing her PhD in CS under Julian Togelius at NYU, focusing her research in the application of AI into human capital field. Specifically, the prediction of job skills demand in the job market.

Christopher DiMauro

Tech Wizard

An alum of NYU Tandon Polytechnic's Digital Media Masters program, Chris is a Wearer of many hats: Web design, electronics, game programming, 3d modeling, and  robotics. He's also the current advisor for the new NYU RoboMaster VIP Project

Julian Togelius

Lab Director, Associate Professor

I work on artificial intelligence and games. I research and develop methods for making games more fun, easier to design and develop, more adaptive, or just to enable games and interactive experiences that we cannot yet create. I'm interested in all kinds of games that people actually play: video games, board games, card games or mind games. When it comes to AI techniques I'm flexible and willing to engage with all kinds of methods, but my methodological roots are in evolutionary computation and neural networks. Some keywords that describe what I do are game AI, player modelling, procedural content generation, automatic game design, believable bot behavior, co-evolution, neuro-evolution, genetic programming and monte carlo tree search.

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