Ping Pong Plus Plus Game Jam


PingPongPlusPlus is a ping pong table that senses ball hit locations and displayed projected visualizations based on the hits.   It builds upon an MIT project that aimed to make a community customizable augmented sports interface.

How it works:  The table has force sensors that listen for the the impact of a ball on the ping pong table.   The force sensor readings are sent to a computer running a Processing script which then generates an X.Y point where the ball has landed on the table.

This is where you come in!

Using this sensor data, create your own unique, interactive, art!  Make a visualization hat reacts to hits.   OR make a game that can be played by aiming for different locations of the table.  Store and replay the data from match to match.  Entries are judged by creativity

Where:  At the Game Innovation Lab.  (HCI room)

Important dates and times: 

Open Lab Hours will Be (12- 3PM Mondays and Fridays in April. This time is for participant to test out their code on our ping pong table's electronics.

Last day for submitted entries is May 1st.

Public judging May 5-15th

Awards ceremony Friday May 16th.

How can I participate?  The contest is open to the public, Anyone can sign up as an individual or a team. See form at the bottom of this page.

Required Knowledge: Processing.

Free to enter and Open to the Public.  Prizes! 


More on the history of Ping Pong ++:

PingPongPlusPlus from Tangible Media Group on Vimeo.