RigMesh: Automatic Rigging for Part-Based Shape Modeling and Deformation 

Peter Borosan, Ming Jin, Doug DeCarloYotam GingoldAndrew Nealen

ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 31(6):198:1–198:9. Also in Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia 2012.

Paper: PDF (21 MB) | PDF (4 MB)

Presentation (SIGGRAPH Asia 2012): PDF (10 MB) | PDF with notes (10 MB) | Keynote '09 (18 MB) | PowerPoint with demo (97 MB)


The creation of a 3D model is only the first stage of the 3D character animation pipeline. Once a model has been created, and before it can be animated, it must be rigged. Manual rigging is laborious, and automatic rigging approaches are far from real-time and do not allow for incremental updates. This is a hindrance in the real world, where the shape of a model is often revised after rigging has been performed. In this paper, we introduce algorithms and a user-interface for sketch-based 3D modeling that unify the modeling and rigging stages of the 3D character animation pipeline. Our algorithms create a rig for each sketched part in real-time, and update the rig as parts are merged or cut. As a result, users can freely pose and animate their shapes and characters while rapidly iterating on the base shape. The rigs are compatible with the state-of-the-art character animation pipeline; they consist of a low-dimensional skeleton along with skin weights identifying the surface with bones of the skeleton.

Video (MP4, 18 MB):


Modeling the camel (MP4, 6 MB):


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