SensoriMotor Rehabilitator

Interactive "Hardware-in-the-Loop" Computer Game Controller for Sensorimotor Rehabilitation

Preeti Raghavan, MD (NYU-Rusk), Joo H. Kim, PhD (NYU-Poly), Katherine Isbister, PhD (NYU-Poly), Gene R. DiResta, PhD, PE (NYU-Poly)

Abstract: The majority of stroke survivors in the US (> 8 million) do not have access to rehabilitation therapy, and motor learning requires extended practice and a great deal of motivation.  We have developed a portable therapeutic platform to overcome the limitations of current therapy and facilitate skill retraining anywhere, anytime with the help of a novel Game-based Sensorimotor Rehabilitator, a virtual coach that provides skill training, real-time tactile, kinesthetic and visual feedback, and engages patients through gaming over the course of their rehabilitation.  Patient data from biomechanical analysis will be accessible to one or more providers and could be interfaced with the electronic medical record for their input and direction. 

Game pic with caption