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GIL Co-Directors weigh in on the future of A. I.

I’m somewhat concerned about what I think of as “intermediate stages,” in which, say, self-driving cars share the road with human drivers. … But once humans have stopped driving cars, transportation overall will be safer and less prone to errors in our judgment.

In other words, I’m concerned about the growing pains associated with technological progress, but such is the nature of being human, exploring, and advancing the state of the art. I’m much more excited and vigilant than anxious and concerned. — Andy Nealen, computer science professor, New York University

I am worried about the impact on employment as more and more niches are filled by technology. (I don’t see AI as fundamentally different from so many other technologies — the borders are arbitrary.) Will we be able to adapt by inventing new jobs, particularly in the service sector and in the human face of bureaucracy? Or will we have to pay people to not work? — Julian Togelius, computer science professor, New York University


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