Using Games to Win the War for Talent in the Workplace From Design to AI & Big Data

5th Annual Conference Human Capital Innovation in Technology & Analytics

Prof. Andy Nealen, Director of the Game Innovation Lab, and Christoffer Holmgård, PhD, and Frank Lance, Director of the NYU Game Center came together at the 5th Annual HCI Conference to talk about Games:  What, Why, and How?

Play and games are fundamental to human experience and culture. Aspects of play and games as structured activities are entering the workplace under names such as serious games and gamification. If you do not play regularly, it may be hard to spot trends in games and discern between offerings of games for people at work.

What characterizes play and games? What can games offer us? Why do people play, alone or together? How can play and games be brought into the workplace in a way that is empowering to both organizations and employees?

In three micro-talks, Frank Lantz, Andy Nealen, and Christoffer Holmgård take on these questions to provide a primer on play and games for life and work.

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