White House Game Jam

Our very own artist in residence Kaho Abe was an honored guest at the White House Game Jam.  Kaho and Chloe Varelidi teamed up to create PandEmoji, a Social Emotional Learning game.

From the projects github:

Pandemoji is a silly classroom game which uses a webcam and face recognition software to provide a playful opportunity to talk about people's emotions, as a part of Social Emotional Learning. The player stands in front of the webcam, and on the screen or the projected image, can see Pandemojis falling from above, and catches one to wear on his or her face. The child is then given the opportunity to create a pose that expresses the chosen Pandemoji. After a countdown the game takes a screenshot and posts it into an archive. The image is then available for the teacher to use to further discuss emotions and expressions. This interactive experience is intended to not be a stand alone game but rather a part of a larger classroom discussion.