Yamove! is a b-boy style dance battle game that uses tech to augment face-to-face dancing. Players compete in pairs, aiming for high intensity, in-synch, diverse dance routines. Each player wears an iOS device strapped to his/her forearm, and teams compete in 3 rounds. The game is hosted by an MC and results are displayed on a big screen. Scoring is based on accelerometer data from the devices. The experience is more social and spectacular than the current console-based dance games, because players face off and the crowd forms more naturally around them and the MC. The game was inspired by research that shows how being physically 'in synch' brings people together emotionally and builds trust. 

Yamove! was a featured game at the NYU No Quarter exhibition in 2012, and was also played at the 2012 World Science Festival. The research behind Yamove! will be presented in a keynote at MobileHCI in September 2012. 

Project team:

  • Producer and Research Director: Katherine Isbister
  • Programmers: Gang Cao, Xiaofeng Chen, Syed Salahuddin, Raybit Tang
  • Interaction Design, User Experience/Staging, Playtesting: Holly Robins, Suzanne Kirkpatrick, Elena Márquez Segura, Syed Salahuddin
  • Art Director: Phoenix Perry
  • Ancestral Codebase and Inspiration: Ben Miller and Aaron Vanderbeek

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